Memorial Day Special

 Here at =balance= we want to celebrate the wonderful arrival of Spring with a warm, soothing, relaxing, calming Special this week. 

BOGO!!!(Buy One Get One Free) 100% Pure Dead Sea Salts (Coarse Grind only). We have 2-4-8-16 Oz sizes and when you purchase we scent them anyway you like for FREE!!!

Did you know that Dead Sea Salts have 54 of the 84 Minerals found in our bodies? That they will pull toxins right out of you through your skin? The molecules of the salt mix with the  molecules of the toxins and become too large to get back into your pores Voila! Instant Detox. Also Softens your skin and BALANCES your PH. Soothes sore muscles and relaxes your entire body. Just stir a handful into your bath and de-stress.

Try Lilac, or Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Relaxing, Detox…Over 150 different fragrances to choose from.

Dead Sea Salts PEACE ROCK (2)

Gems & Malas - Copy
There is so much jewelry to choose from. Chakra jewelry is hot hot hot. You cant go wrong. Who doesn’t want to be balanced?
Nubian Soaps - Copy
New soaps from Nubian Heritage. These are natural, full of vitamins, and smell delicious!

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